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A list of supported utilities is detailed below:

  • ReliRescue
    Share your location with friends

  • LogConvert
    Convert esoteric log formats to familiar ones...

  • TxRxMeasure
    Measure your Windows Mobile TCP performance...

ReliRescue ("Reli Search & Rescue")

What is ReliRescue ?

ReliRescue is a fully featured GPS utility at the palm of your hand.
It's main purpose is sharing your device location with friends (over SMS or email or Live tracking).
It includes a rich set of features, among which, you can store waypoints, store offline maps, view or record a GPS track.
The software is designed to be "battery friendly" and very stable. it also supports a large variety of devices.

I use this utility to share my location during Hang Gliding activities so a ground personal (Reli - the software is named after you...) could track and get to me as soon as I land.

Please extend your help and Donate.


Install instructions:
run the downloaded CAB file (ReliRescue.cab) on your device.

moshe.valenci --> gmail

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Windows Mobile device/phone (6.x or 5.1).
.NET Compact framework (if it does not have it, get it here: 2.0 , 3.5).
In order to broadcast your location over SMS you need to have an SMS plan.
In order to send your location over a Data transport you either need a Phone data plan (GPRS/UMTS), WiFi, or a connection over Synch cable.

Features of this current version (partial list):


Some great efforts were made in in making this software stable.
Having said that, do not solely rely on the software to report your location (call your ground crew if you don't get picked).
Please take a back up phone or battery just in case you run out of batteries.
Please report bugs so I'll be able to fix them.
Drop me an email saying thanks, or donate by cicking the "Donate" button on the top right of this page.

I have been bogging about whether making ReliRescue free, knowing that people would not easily extend their donations in gratitude.
I have still didn’t made up my mind, since the donation button was just recently made available.
If you’d like to share your opinion, please email me and discuss freely.


Date:                 18 Aug 2008
Prerequisites:     .NET runtime


a utility that would convert text log files from few  GPS logger formats to IGC format.
at the moment, the utility understands files with this extension:


Date:                 3 Aug 2009
Prerequisites:     .NET runtime


A utility that measures TCP performance between two WindowsMobile applications.
Since this is written in C#, you may run this application on your PC as well and measure wired (LAN) to wireless (WiFi) endpoint performance.

I managed to achieve 5Mbit/sec - 7Mbit/sec over wireless.
And about 40 Mbit/sec over USB network connection (HTC Touch HD and ASUS P525).


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